At the Outpost we often arrange  a whole host of facilities for our corporate clients, including (but not limited to) executive transport, accommodation, professional filming, on-site catering and full conference facilities at several hotels in nearby Chester and Wrexham.

Clients we have entertained include Argos, Airbus, Asda, BBC, Barclays, B&Q, Boots, BP, British gas, British Airways, BT, Burton, BICC, BOSCH, Coke, Currys, Comet, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Debenhams, Daily Post, Dixons, Halifax, Halfords, HSBC, Holiday Inn, Kellogs, Macdonalds, National Rail, NHS, Natwest, Next, Odeon Cinemas, Ofsted, Pizza Hut, Royal Mail, S4C, Sky, Virgin, Vodafone, Wrexham Leader, Yellow Pages.

Please call 01244 458 384 or email [email protected] with your individual requirements and we will almost certainly be able to fulfill them.

A day playing paintball at the Outpost is not only enjoyable but provides an excellent opportunity for team building and inspiring confidence in individuals. The game of paintball is naturally suited to developing skills such as communication, problem solving and confidence in team mates. Key skills can be developed playing paintball such as:

1) Effective communication and planning for each scenario, with an open approach to all ideas. We will observe the essential planning process for each game and intervene only where necessary. After each game we would, if necessary highlight areas where a deficiency in planning led to a poor performance.

2) Understanding of a main objective and the specific roles of small teams in pulling together and meeting that objective. An example would be a game where one team must capture a building defended by the other. A number of groups must fulfil their roles in order for their team mates to progress through the plan. If one part of the plan fails for any reason, players must then be able to think on their feet and devise a new strategy whilst under pressure.

3) Trust in the team mates. Various game scenarios may involve one or more players having to rely totally on their colleagues for example a game scenario where one or more players may be a marked target and totally reliant on others for their movement and protection!

4) Reviews of performance and learning from mistakes are integral and, as with planning, we try to allow the teams to arrive at their own conclusions, adding our thoughts where appropriate.