Game Zones

We have 19 Separate and unique game maps at the Outpost (and we’re building more) :-

  1. A Bridge too far – Can you blow the bridge or defend it?
  2. Enclave Attack this futuristic compound and capture the electronic flag.
  3. Prison Camp – Free the prisoners but watch out for the guards!
  4. Black Hawk Down – Get to the choppeeerrr
  5. R.A.M. Raid – Infiltrate the fuel dump and retrieve enemy intel from one of three military vehicles and return victorious!
  6. The Tunnels – Take your team through the tunnel system to capture and hold your objective?
  7. Sniper Tower – Snipers and machine guns to defeat if you want to conquer our two storey concrete sniper tower!?
  8. Border Assualt – Can you penetrate the heavily defended border crossing and invade your neighbouring country!
  9. Attack the House – Can you be the first to shout CLEAR!
  10. Tyre Field – Rural Bunkers provide excellent cover
  11. Ammo Huts – Hang your chosen flag. Co-ordinated covering fire from your teammates to win
  12. Graveyard – Can your forces defend the church from undead attackers.
  13. Hamburger Hill – Capture the fortified enemy hilltop.
  14. Trench Battle – Fight your way through our version of the Somme. Danger around every corner.
  15. Bunker der untoten – Not for the feint hearted, can you keep the zombies at bay.
  16. Sabotage – Capture the bomb under heavy enemy fire.
  17. Thunderdome – Two  man, enter one leaves, mad max themed game zone!
  18.  The Fort – Storm the fort under enemy fire
  19. Ghost Town (CQB)
  20. Supair field – inflatable tournament training field.

Some zones need luck, lots of daring and some a steady aim! All need team work to emerge victorious…