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Located between Wrexham and Chester on the North Wales/Cheshire border in Lower Kinnerton CH49AQ, Outpost airsoft offers you the opportunity to skirmish at a genuine Cold War military base.

Real Concrete Bunkers, Towers and Gun emplacements, ammunition storage huts alongside our custom built areas.

Pricing for own gunners from £25 per player for members, £35 for non members for a full day (10am until 4pm full day)

10-1pm – half day morning, 1pm until 4pm half day afternoon – Entry £12.50 members/£17.50non.

M4 AEG hire kit £15 per day, £7.50 half day.

Full face masks free to use for anyone.

Ammo starts at £5 per 1000 or £10 for 3300.

You wear your own clothing for airsoft, but if you don’t have combats, normal clothing works fine, just dress appropriately for the weather and wear something with pockets to carry your ammo. We also sell a range of tactical gear on site if you want to get kitted out on the day.

Ammo starts at £5 per 1000. High pressure Air and electric hook ups included in skirmish fee.

Arrive between 9 and 9:30am for morning start. Briefing 10am. 1pm for an afternoon start. Games start straight after.

Rifles rules: Bolt action snipers – 500 fps DMR – 400 FPS, 2 Second delay between trigger pulls. Anything else, pistols, shotguns, rifles, 350 fps. (Using 0.2g bbs)

Upcoming games: Every Saturday and Sunday, unless it’s Christmas eve, Christmas day or boxing day, we will be open. We run on Bank Holiday Mondays as well.

Age 11 or older.

We can run a week day game if you can get at least 10 players together, give us a shout and as much notice as possible. Usually school holidays Wednesdays or Fridays, message us and we’ll try and sort something out.

If your not sure of anything or it’s your first time just give us a call.

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Gift vouchers available

our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase for entry/equipment hire or all inclusive packages.

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