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Outpost Paintball is a unique paintball and airsoft experience located between Chester and Wrexham at Lower Kinnerton in the county of Flintshire, right on the North Wales and Cheshire Border for ages 11 and over (8 and over for low impact).

Based in a Cold War Anti Aircraft Artillery installation built to protect Chester, Wrexham, Wirral and Liverpool from attack by nuclear bombers. The site has been built with a new approach to paintball, with complex scenario game zones including WW1 themed trenches, the graveyard and a post apocalyptic ‘ruins’ zone. We also have pro baller tournament fields for tournament paintball team training along side our video game inspired game zones.

10 players needed for mid week bookings unless we already have a group running, that you can join, call to check availability for small groups especially if short notice and/or mid week. Weekends groups always running, late sessions availble in summer months (call for availability).


Entry, kit and 300 Paintballs – £30

Entry, kit and 400 paintballs – £37

Entry, kit and 600 paintballs – £50

We start every player with at least 300 paintballs to give you enough for at least a few games play. If you need to top up after this you can buy extras as required, price below.

Extra paint

100 paintballs £9
300 paintball £25
500 paintballs £40

Friction Smoke and Stick Grenades

£4 each 3 for £10
Ring pull smoke £5
Ring pull grenades £6
Armoured gloves £6

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Gift vouchers available

our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase for entry/equipment hire or all inclusive packages.

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