Game Zones

We have 19 Separate and unique game maps.

(and we’re building more) :-


  1. A Bridge too far Can you blow the bridge or defend it?
  2. Enclave Attack – this futuristic compound and capture the electronic flag.
  3. Prison Camp Free the prisoners but watch out for the guards!
  4. Black Hawk Down – Get to the choppeeerrr
  5. R.A.M. Raid Infiltrate the fuel dump and retrieve enemy intel from one of three military vehicles and return victorious!
  6. The Tunnels Take your team through the tunnel system to capture and hold your objective?
  7. Sniper Tower Snipers and machine guns to defeat if you want to conquer our two storey concrete sniper tower!?
  8. Border Assualt Can you penetrate the heavily defended border crossing and invade your neighbouring country!
  9. Attack the House Can you be the first to shout CLEAR!
  10. Tyre Field Rural Bunkers provide excellent cover
  11. Ammo Huts Hang your chosen flag. Co-ordinated covering fire from your teammates to win
  12. Graveyard Can your forces defend the church from undead attackers.
  13. Hamburger Hill Capture the fortified enemy hilltop.
  14. Trench Battle Fight your way through our version of the Somme. Danger around every corner.
  15. Bunker der untoten Not for the feint hearted, can you keep the zombies at bay.
  16. Sabotage Capture the bomb under heavy enemy fire.
  17. Thunderdome – Two  man, enter one leaves, mad max themed game zone!
  18. The Fort – Storm the fort under enemy fire
  19. Ghost Town (CQB)
  20. Supair field – inflatable tournament training field.

Some zones need luck, lots of daring and some a steady aim! All need team work to emerge victorious…

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