Borderlands 5 Big Game

Our fifth big game weekend

JUNE 1st and 2nd Borderlands 5 Big Game Weekend 2019

Only £45 for the weekend if pre booked below – great value for two full days gaming and camping.
Discounted rate for Outpost Club members.

Dahl and Hyperion Corporations fight it out for control of Pandora, Vault Hunters carve their own path, forming alliances with or fighting the corporations, everyone in pursuit of the most profit $$$.

A range of Paint available from £25 a box.

Saturday: Six MiniGames as the factions capture territory.

Sunday: Big Game, hold your territory, open vaults and earn $$$

Rental Kit and Day Passes Available.

Paypal users – please use [email protected] or you may use the buttons below for online payment:

Members £35

Non Members £45